I absolutely LOVE my new .tel email address!

It's so quick to give out to colleagues and businesses, and nobody has trouble remembering it. Having such a distinct email sets me apart and saves me time. Thank you Email Baby!!

Jasmine Samson
It's so easy and convenient

The last time I was checking out at Apple, I opted to have my receipt emailed. After I read off my email address to the worker, he looked at me and said, 'That is the best email address ever! You just made my life so easy!'

Cornelius Whitty
It's great when filling out forms, online & hardcopy.

I like the meaning and humor in the choices, I actually have three of them so I can change it up. I use 68.tel for business correspondence, the jk.tel I use for personal emails and I use sup.tel when I'm feeling flirty.

Arlene McLeod
Have fun with your search! You could have your favorite name, place, brand, sport, animal, emotion... or what ever represents you in front of the @ sign.

Here are the 26 unique choices for your personalized email address.
shortcut - noun
- a shorter alternative route.
- an accelerated way of doing or
  achieving something.    
- a record of the address of a
  file, website or other data
  made to enable quick access.
Email Address Shortcuts

With Email Baby you can have that short memorable email address you want! It simply forwards to your existing email inbox.  
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