Yes. It works like a regular email address.
Can I change where my Email Baby address is forwarded to?
I'm not recieving my emails to my forwarding email address?
Check your junk folder, and then put your address on the safe senders list.
No, you do not have to do a thing. We will set your email to forward.
No. For security reasons you will not be able to change a forwarding address.
Can I have more than one Email Baby address forwarded to the same primary email address?
Yes, of course, have as many as you like.
Does my Email Baby forward work for email money transfers?
What if I choose not to renew my Email Baby subscription?
After addresses expire they re enter the system as available again.
No, we cannot see them and do not store them. They are in your previous email address inbox.
Do I have to do anything?
Does Email Baby have my emails?
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