How does it work?

Email shortcuts are to email addresses what sites like TinyURL and Bitly are to traditional URLs, making the electronic address more user friendly but still arriving at the same place, in this case, the user’s existing email address inbox.

What really sets Email Baby apart from the others is providing their users with the option to personalize both their handle and their extension ( of the email shortcut.

It’s that simple! No new passwords, apps or security questions, no mailboxes to link across devices. Anything sent to your new email shortcut will be received in your old inbox. Email Baby shortcuts are an annual subscription, only $6.99 USD/year, which allows you to easily manage all your correspondence in one place.

What does your email extension say about you?

Just like creating any other email address you choose your handle but Email Baby allows you to pick a unique extension as well. Showing off your personality with a quirky, simple or intriguing email shortcut is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Up until now people have rarely been able to choose an extension that represents them, so being able to offer 24 out of the ordinary email extensions is something that helps to set Email Baby apart from other providers.

The most popular free email providers have hundreds of millions of addresses in use from one extension, so finding a unique email address is a daunting task.

Why is my email address important?

In today’s world, branding yourself is more important than ever, so having a unique email address is one of the simplest ways to make sure you leave a memorable impression on potential clients and new connections.

With Email Baby the days of cringing when someone asks you for your email address are gone. Say goodbye to the humiliation of “” or “kute_girl_16” when giving out your business card, or to potential employers, while traveling, in stores, entering contests, signing up for newsletters, or on websites.

Email Baby understands that people have used their existing addresses for years, even though they are long and complicated to give out, because the idea of changing their primary email address with everyone they communicate with is just too much.

We also understand that you have to make a statement to get people’s attention, and an email shortcut does just that, making people look twice at your unique contact info.
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